Thursday, June 21, 2007

Let's Paint Our Fingernails and Toenails

Yes, I have gone off the deep end, but no I am not planning soon to take up the habit of putting good model car paint to use on my fingers or toes. It's a reference to a cool little birthday party Lily Grace went to. It's been awhile since this birthday party, but the pictures were just too good not to share. So here goes.

"I'm the birthday girl, can you tell?"

Kate is one of Lily Grace's best friends in life. And she just turned three. She shares a special bond, along with Sarah, in their heritage and the circumstances of their lives. It really amazes me to see these three little girls together. It's almost like they each know deep in their hearts what the others have been through. They seem to know instantly what each of the others is thinking. Kate is the silly one, always stirring up laughter with the other two, while Sarah is the more reflective one. The look Sarah often has on her face when she watches the other two seems to say "There they go again, I told them not to do that." Lily Grace seems to be somewhere in between the two. She can be silly or reflective, depending on the cirmcumstances. However, good luck to Kate and Sarah if they try to get a word in edgewise around Lily Grace. Lily talks a blue streak. For Heaven's sake, sometimes we can't even get a word in! When they hug each other, it's as though Kate and Sarah and Lily Grace have known each other all their lives but haven't seen one another in years. It's as though they are saying to each other "I know, sweetheart, me too."

"Kailee in a reflective momemt."

"Karlee has that wind-blown look!"

Anyway, Kate celebrated with her sisters Karlee and Kailee by having a totally girl party and they invited Lily Grace to come over and join them. Somewhere I missed the memo on what this party was about and that the men were supposed to stay home. Last time we went to this house for a birthday party, we painted a real horse blue, so naturally, I was expecting something similarly manly. Other than Kate's dad (Drew), Austin and I were the only men there, like two bulls in the china shop. The girls kept looking at us like "Are they leaving yet?" We were seriously outnumbered, so we were thankful that none of the girls came up with the idea that the men should participate in the party goings-on. Because this was something totally foreign to me and to Austin. They were fixing their hair, putting on fancy dresses and headgear (I think they're actually called headdresses, I'm not too sure), painting fingernails and toenails, and even putting on lipstick (or gloss or chapstick). Then if that wasn't enough, they all went for a stroll with their babies. The only thing us guys recognized was that there were birthday presents, cake, and cool aid. Finally, something familiar!
"Strap those baby dolls in tight and let's get ready to rumble - buggy bumpers!"

But Lily Grace had the time of her life, as she always does when she celebrates with her bestest best buddies (sorry, had to get something manly in here). She loves spending time with Kate and Sarah and Karlee and Kailee and Lily and Ashleigh. Thanks Drew and Lori for inviting Lily Grace to the party. Hopefully, Austin and I didn't shock anyone by hanging out and tryin' to learn something new about how little girls work! I think we're going to check into how old they have to be to sign up for softball!!

Jerry, Connie, Austin, and Lily Grace


Russ & Lisa W. said...

Looks like all the girls had a GREAT time!!! Austin, you didn't want your finger nails painted?? haha just kidding!! You could have tought them how to play football! haha Can't wait to see you all at Dragon Boats!!

Love Lisa & Russ

The Ferrill's said...

looks like a very fun girly day!
Laine Ferrill

Journey to Lilly! said...

Looks like a great time!! We got our TA today!! so maybe our girls can get together & be girly soon!!

lv ya,

drew and lori said...

you know jery- the idea of doing yours and austin's hair and nails was GREAT- i wish i had thought of that a few weeks ago. thanks for the sweet post. we need to get our girls together again SOON!!

Jeff and Sonya Hodge said...

What a BLAST!!!


Lisa said...

The girls are all so precious! Looks like they had alot of fun.