Friday, March 23, 2007

A Baby Shower for Lily Mei!

No, not Lily Grace, Lily Mei! On Saturday, the 17th of March, we were blessed to be able to host a baby shower for Steve and Monica, members of our Athens FCC. Steve and Monica will be traveling soon to bring Lily Mei home to be with her forever family, and we couldn't be happier for them.

Now, this wasn't just your usual baby shower (not to take anything away from those joyous events, mind you), this was a full blown celebration. Complete with moms, grandmoms, kids, and dads. What? Dads? That's right, I said Dads. And not just Steve. Why, there must have been 20 of them. OK, ok maybe not that many, but certainly more than you'd see at your typical baby shower. Now some of us Dads have a better understanding of what goes on at one of these things. Unless, of course, the ladies tricked us and left out some things. Hmm. Come to think of it, we didn't play any games at all? I thought games were supposed to be played. Oh, that's right. We Dads weren't here for the games, we were here to watch after all the children while the Moms talked, had cake, punch, and other treats. But we did get to watch while Steve and Monica opened all the presents. One dad was overheard to say to another "When do they get to the tools and gadgets part?" Er, I don't think they have that part at a baby shower, you're thinking of a wedding shower.

"Ooh, I like it. What is it?"

Well, anyway it was great to see all the members of the Athens FCC and to get to spend time with the little ones while the Moms took a break for chatting and celebrating. Mary Beth even took to calling me "Uncle" Jerry. How cool is that?
We pray for Steve and Monica as they take the next step in their journey. And we look forward to hearing from them as they experience that wonderful moment when God places in their lives a little girl who promises to bring more blessings than anyone can imagine. "I can only imagine what it will be like, when I look into your eyes, I can only imagine." We will keep them in our prayers and thoughts as we wait patiently for that day when they return home with Lily Mei. Oh what an awesome God we serve!

A Gaggle of Girls - Our Version of the Red Couch!

Jerry, Connie, Austin, and Lily Grace


Monica said...

Well, I'm crying again....that was just so sweet. Thank you Jerry, Connie, Austin and Miss Lily Grace. We are truly blessed! Love, The Carters

Hodge said...

Looks like a lovely shower!!!
Those girls on the red couch are just beautiful!!!


The Ferrill's said...

How fun! I love the idea of husbands at the baby shower!

Russ & Lisa W. said...

We had so much fun!! Sorry I wasn't much of a partier!!

Thanks for having the shower in your home Green family.

Love Lisa

Journey to Lilly! said...

AWWWW what a great time! That was very sweet! Now we just need the sweet little one home!!

Lisa said...

Love the red couch photo! Beautiful girls. The shower looks like it was alot of fun.