Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Beginning of Our Adoption Journey ... One Year Ago Today!

In the fall of 2005, we had already decided that God's plan was for us to adopt a little girl, most likely from China. God had already given us so many glimpses of why this was so. So we were looking for ways to get started on the journey. On Saturday, November 5th 2005, we decided to visit an adoption fair in Florence, AL. Connie had heard about it through our pastor and we thought it would be a good way to spend the day. So off we went. Little did we know that day would ultimately mark the beginning of our mission into the Fields of the Fatherless in China and and would ultimately lead us to our little Lily Grace.

We drove to Highlands Baptist Church in Florence and got there a little later than we had planned (we got lost, having not spent much time in Florence before). When we arrived, it appeared that the Adoption Fair was just ending. There weren't many people around, except for one gentleman talking with a couple in front of a Lifeline Children's Services display. We figured we'd already missed the event. However, there was some sort of rummage sale going on in the gym, so we decided to go back in and look around. While there, we noticed that this church must also present the Upward Basketball and Cheerleading ministry (as we do at Isom's Chapel), since there were stars and pictures around the gym. That made Austin feel at home.

As we were looking around, there was this little girl who kept following Austin around the rummage sale. It was funny to watch Austin's reaction to his new 'fan.' It helped us to begin to see him as a big brother. He smiled alot and would occassionally stop to see if the little girl would stop or keep going. Turns out she stopped every time he did, so she was definitely following him.
By now, we had looked around about all we cared to and decided to go back out to see if the Lifeline Children's Services representative was still there. He was, so we decided to wait our turn to talk with him. While we were waiting, the little girl who had been following Austin around came up again, this time with a lady who we decided must be her mother. The lady introduced herself and began talking with us while we waited. She was very excited that we were there, though we didn't understand why at the time. Later, her husband also came by and introduced himself and wished us well. While we talked, Austin and the little girl continued their newly established friendship.

Finally, our turn with Lifeline came up and the lady wished us well and thanked us for coming. She introduced us to Lifeline's Dustin Britt, who spoke with us at length about international adoption. I think Dustin's wife was there as well. Connie left ready to drive straight to Birmingham to signup with Lifeline. Austin too. Being the cautious, conservative, let's take things slow minority in the family, I advised that we at least check into a couple of other adoption agencies. Connie agreed (mainly to humor me) and promptly began making appointments in Birmingham!

It's hard to believe that exactly one year ago today, God introduced us to a family that would become such an inspiration to our family. One that would encourage us and pray for us continuously as we took each step toward a lifelong commitment to bringing home our precious Lily Grace. This morning in Sunday school, we discussed how God is still in the miracle business. Having Him to introduce us to such an inspirational family at that point in our lives certainly fits that description in our book.

Oh, the little girl that followed Austin around that day was Karlee Jamieson, recently turned three as evidenced by the Blue Horse birthday party (see earlier post). The kind lady who was so excited to see us, her mother, was Lori Jamieson and the father was Drew Jamieson. I don't think we met Kalie that day and Kate was not yet joined with her forever family. Thanks God, for introducing us to such good friends and keepers of the faith. It is our prayer that anyone who is led into the Fields of the Fatherless would be blessed with an equally inspirational group of friends. And may you continue to bless the Jamieson family.

Jerry, Connie, Austin, and Lily Grace


Drew and Lori said...

your post brought tears. i have thought about that weekend all weekend long. i can't explain right now how much your post has meant to me. i needed that encouragment so much. thank you green family- we are the blessed ones.

Anonymous said...

How cute is Lily in her panda dress. I loved reading the story about how you met the Jamieson family. Now look at all of you and your girls! God is so good!

Tina said...

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R. W. & L. W. said...

When are we going to see some BIRTHDAY pic's?? lol